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Building the business

Listen to our people

Profit improvement programs for private business owners

How do my competitors perform?

Imagine if every business owner knew the answer to that question! It would become a road map for the future of their business.

Two decades ago, Fordham began building “benchmarking” data for specific businesses and industries. We overlaid this information to interpret client outcomes and identify areas of concern.

This work grew into a complete methodology for the analysis of the key drivers of businesses. Over time we then added third party benchmarking together with our own interpretation of that data to provide strong competitor analysis across a broader range of industries.

At Fordham, we help clients understand their business and guide them through a path of change.

Back to basics

Sometimes, businesses head downhill. Despite all of the best efforts, the owner just can’t turn it around. Without a change, the insolvency guys will soon be on the doorstep.

And sometimes, all it takes is a different set of eyes. The eyes of a business advisor with the skill and experience to identify the issues and take the necessary steps to arrest the trends. Over time, good businesses usually return to become great businesses.